Ideas for your home: We have created a world of bathing and enjoyment in our show room BainDouche in Niederanven. You’ll be inspired.

Sound preparation

How can your bath wish be realised? Our consultants and interior architects have the experience and know-how to turn ideas into plans – even in 3-D – and to turn plans into your finished dream bath.

Bauleiter, Innenarchitektin,  Badplan,
Bauleiter, Innenarchitektin, Badplan
Bauleiter, Innenarchitektin, Badplan
3D-Badplan,  Aus einer Hand, Komplettbad

and New Bath

Whether it’s a new bath or a renovation – our craftsmen know how to organise a building project, how to conduct all operations cleanly and how to calculate a work schedule with you that can be adhered to.

Dismounting, Basic Installation
Underfloor Heating, Electric, Lighting
Finery, Screed, Tile Work
Painting, Stretch ceiling, Joinery


The following images of our superior baths give you an excellent idea of what your dream bath can look like in reality.

bathroom, toilette

So that your Dream Bath becomes reality

What’s it to be: classical bath or private wellness oasis? Renovated, modernised, or completely re-designed? Flach will turn every bath wish into your own personal wish bath.

You can pick up your inspiration in our large bath show room BainDouche in Niederanven. And you can create virtual realisation of your bath ideas with the aid of our 3-D bath planner (including checking the finished plans as to their implementation). That way you receive a clear idea of how your bath will look later. And you’ll already have a reason to become excited.

No Limits

Concentrated expertise

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Flach is located on either side of the Moselle. In Niederanven, Luxembourg, the headquarters of Flach s.a., and in Schweich, Germany, where our partner company, Flach GmbH, is located.

That’s practical. That way we can work together more quickly and effectively whenever it makes better sense.

Moreover, we have the opportunity of making use of our own employees with different skilled trades (electricians, carpenters, tile layers, painters, plumbers). Resources that benefit you directly.


Proper workmanship

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We have nothing against pretty pictures. But hard work comes before the dream bath. And intelligent fine tuning: All the work steps must mesh with a complete bath renovation.

Flach is a total provider. So you have the certainty that the “Bath Project” is coordinated and carried out promptly – no one needs unnecessary stress. And not afterwards, either. That’s why we pay attention to the little things; we tape and cover everything cleanly, so that you can enjoy your new bathroom as soon as the workmen are finished. Pure relaxation!

Online Bath Planner

Let’s see what’s possible

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At first there’s only an idea – “you could put the bathtub here…” But how does the whole thing affect the overall image? And what’s more important: can it be put into practice?

Our 3-D bath planner can answer that question: it can provide you with a virtual realisation of your bath idea, and it allows us to check how the plan can become reality. So you already know beforehand how your bathroom will look. Excitement guaranteed!

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